Canon's PRISMAdirect PODi Product Briefing

PRISMAdirect Overview

PRISMAdirect is an integrated solution providing all levels of staff – from customer service representatives to managers to operators – access to consistent, clear tools to manage, track and produce production print work. It provides prepress automation and also provides tracking, management and notification from order reception to shipping as well as some estimating and reporting. And, it can be purchased with an integrated web store or integrated with other vendor solutions.

Basically, PRISMAdirect is a solution for

  • Efficiently acquiring and managing online orders
  • Converting order line-items into print jobs
  • Automating prepress operations
  • Maximizing productivity on digital presses
  • And managing jobs all the way to the point where they are compiled to fulfill orders.

The following three videos provide more details and demonstrations of the product.

Order Management

PRISMAdirect manages orders and line items with an order management interface which is separate but linked to the job automation and management interface.

  • It is implemented in HTML5 so clients only need browsers
  • The browser display can be customized with windows showing active orders, order details with business process statuses, and accessible print devices
  • It provides an automated, but editable notification processes
  • It has some basic order and customer reporting capabilities
  • It provides all the statuses and information to all authorized users

Job Production Automation and Management

PRISMAdirect also has an interface specifically designed for production manager and operator needs. Instead of orders with line items, it shows a color-coded job list and job ticket information with production controls.

  • It seamlessly links into Océ PRISMAprepare for make ready operations including automated running of make ready templates.
  • It can connect with most vendor’s production digital press but, when connected to Canon presses via PRISMAsync Remote Manager, operators can actively see production constraints, manage print queues, and proactively manage press needs to keep them running non-stop.
  • It has a "Show History" function which provides an audit trail of everything done to a job.

This product will provide a great step forward for most operations which often don’t currently do much production automation or management.

Order and Job Submission

Clients can submit orders into PRISMAdirect in a variety of ways:

  • The optional integrated PRISMAdirect web store and web print driver interfaces
  • e-mail submission using Microsoft Outlook
  • Through integrated third-party storefronts and portals
  • By files being attached to jobs via Dropbox
  • Via integration with uniFLOW, Canon’s enterprise print and scan management system, which is a powerful way for in-plants to get print work in from internal individuals and departments

The PRISMAdirect web store interface:

  • Comes with an “out of the box” format
  • Can be visually customized via pulldown options or CSS programming
  • Consists of orderable products defined by the shop
  • Can be used to present an unlimited number of web stores
  • Let’s clients see the current business process steps of their jobs in real time

The PRISMAdirect web store interface, uniFLOW and print driver interfaces provide good value for most in-plants. The ability to link into 3rd party web portal systems or to use the built-in PRISMAdirect web store interface makes it useful for commercial printers as well.


PRISMAdirect is an integrated order submission, order management, and production job automation solution. It is very well suited for in-plants or for select commercial printers. The fact that it provides a single system for doing many production, MIS and submission tasks makes it an attractive and easy-to-implement choice.

More Information

For more information go to the Canon USA website and the PRISMAdirect product overview page.