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  • Gannett's Subscriber Program Achieves Reduced Cycle Times and Savings

    Gannett Consumer Sales and Services handles production and circulation of subscriber letters for more than 80 Gannett newspapers. The letters that are sent to subscribers have a great deal of local data that changes often. Every aspect of the customer communication is variable, driven by their specific subscription, length of subscription, and local events. (Published 2015)
  • Ben E. Keith Uses Lumpy Mail to Increase Trade Show Appetite

    Ben E. Keith, a distributor of food service products and premium alcoholic beverages, located in Little Rock, Arkansas, frequently uses hospitality and food trade shows to showcase their newest products. The company had committed to participating in a new event in Memphis, Tennessee and wanted to maximize their return by attracting restaurant owners, chefs and others in the industry to this event. A multi-touch campaign was developed that utilized a direct mail invitation followed by a dimensional mail piece.The campaign yielded a 52% response rate with recipients visiting Ben E. Keith's booth at the show. Published 2015
  • JOSERA Pet Food Geo-Data and Personalized Maps for Retail Marketing

    JOSERA is an animal nutrition and pet food manufacturer in northern Bavaria, Germany. JOSERA wanted to strengthen its marketing for its retail channel through a location-based direct marketing campaign to introduce new customers to its products and to direct them to local retail outlets. JOSERA engaged a leading direct mail and digital printer, Grunewald GmbH, and a specialist provider of geo-location data and maps, locr GmbH, to design and implement an innovative direct marketing program to acquire new customers and drive traffic to JOSERA’s retail network. The conversion rate from website enquiries to pet food purchases at retail outlets has increased by 3% since the program began.
  • Screen Europe at Labelexpo

    Screen Europe wished to invite the main label printers in Western Europe to their booth at Labelexpo 2015 in Brussels for the introduction of a new label inkjet press, the Screen Truepress Jet L350UV. A direct marketing campaign was developed that took advantage of the capabilities of the new inkjet press in order to make an impact, achieve a high response rate and gain visitors to the booth. The campaign used personalized URLs and QR Codes in the printed mailer to take recipients to a personalized website where they could make an appointment for a demonstration of the new machine at the exhibition. Over 40% of the recipients of the direct mail responded and made appointments to visit the Screen Europe booth at Labelexpo 2015. (Published 2016)

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