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  • Beat the Multiples: D2R's Marketing Solution for Independent Opticians

    The recall of lapsed patients is a constant challenge for opticians. D2R had already run a successful cross-media program for an independent optician which achieved a much better result than the standard reminder letters that usually get sent out. D2R decided to develop this into a complete vertical market solution for independent opticians and developed a campaign to promote themselves to this market.The campaign positioned D2R as a solution expert and achieved impressive results. 70% of recipients visited their personalized URL, 42% of those who downloaded a case study agreed to an online meeting, and an overall sales conversion rate of 6%. Published 2016
  • De Bradelei Stores Reconnect with Lapsed Customers

    De Bradelei Stores are a group of shopping outlet malls in the UK offering fashion from leading brands at discounted prices. They wanted to increase traffic and boost sales in Autumn 2016 by targeting lapsed customers from their extensive database. Working with print and mailing company Eight Days a Week Print Solutions, a geomarketing direct mail campaign was developed that used personalized maps to show recipients the proximity of their nearest store and the route to drive there. In order to test the effectiveness of using geomarketing as an overall strategy for retail traffic generation, a controlled A/B test was run with and without the geomarketing components. The response rate of recipients with the personalized geomarketing mailer was 63% higher than those without the geomarketing personalization.
  • Worth Higgins Delivering Results Over the Web

    Worth Higgins & Associates is Virginia’s largest sheet-fed commercial printer. They have a large number of offset and digital presses. This case study focuses on their Worth Connects division and how they are leveraging MarcomCentral Web-to-Print to deliver online portals in order to better meet their customers’ needs.
  • Lake Land College Print & Mail Services Saves Money and Delivers Results

    Founded 1966, Lake Land College is a 8,200-student public community college located in Mattoon, Illinois. Starting in 2005, Lake Land College initiated an aggressive program to modernize its in-plant printing operations in order to meet the college’s growing needs for full-color and wide-format printing and to centralize and manage printers on campus. With its new capabilities, thousands of dollars are saved each year through online ordering of supplies and print materials, bringing high-quality color printing in-house, and reducting the need for personal-use printers.