Fiery JobMaster PODi Product Briefing

Fiery JobMaster and Impose are two solutions in the make-ready area of the EFI Fiery Workflow Suite. This product briefing covers both since many applications will require both of their capabilities.


Impose delivers impositioning capabilities while JobMaster provides the following functionality for compiling and programming documents:

  • PDF conversion
  • Page merging
  • Tab creation
  • Blank page insertion
  • Page numbering
  • Page editing
  • Media assignments
  • And finishing programming

These solutions are very tightly integrated together into Fiery Command Workstation along with a variety of other production software tools. They are very graphical and intuitive to use and constantly provide a visual representation of how a finished job is going to look, as well as how it is going to be laid out on the sheets.

Building a Bleed Edge Tab Catalog

This video shows how to use Fiery JobMaster and Fiery Impose to build a booklet with bleed edge tabs. It is constructed from:

  • A PDF file
  • A few scanned, hardcopy pages
  • A set of images to be used for the bleed-edge tabs

Caveat: Please note that sections of this and other videos have been sped up in order to cover the system’s extensive core functionality in a reasonable amount of time. This is not intended to misrepresent performance.

The process will demonstrate how Fiery JobMaster and Fiery Impose:

  • Preflights the PDF
  • Identifies and corrects a Pantone color issue
  • Cleans and incorporates the scanned pages
  • Renumbers all the pages
  • Programs the job as an 11x17 booklet with covers
  • Sets up the tabs
  • Enhances a problem image
  • Saves the document back in Command Workstation for production

Programming a Manual with Complex Tabs

This video demonstrates how JobMaster and Impose can be used to build a spiral-bound booklet with the following characteristics:

  • Each section starts with a standard 5-bank tab printed with a red background and text on the tab
  • Each section can contain subsections demarked using a different 3-bank tab stock with information printed on the tabs
  • A chapter which is uniquely finished with 3-hole punching and stapling

This job could be a nightmare to handle and might require complex programming, waste and significant hand labor in the bindery without tools like JobMaster and Impose. With these tools, however, the entire job can be set up and visually reviewed onscreen before production.

Setting Up Business Cards, VDP Postcards & Personalized Documents

This final video shows how these tools can be used for three more types of jobs which often cross the threshold of many print shops:

  • Business cards
  • Variable data postcards arriving as PDF/VT files
  • A set of personalized, 8-page brochures arriving as a single PDF file

None of these are terribly complex jobs, but tools like JobMaster and Impose can reduce the manual labor needed to produce them so that prices can become more competitive while these jobs become more profitable. Also, it is important to remember that all the above job setups can be automated using imposition templates in Hot Folders, Virtual Printers or presets for future jobs.

More Information

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Also, EFI offers free online courses for Fiery JobMaster and Fiery Impose customers who want to go deeper in learning how to do projects like these. These are important, even though the interface is intuitive, because they teach the tricks of putting everything together to really make these products work for you. Existing customers can register for this free training at:

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