Caslon Releases New 1-to-1 Response Rate Report

Benchmark research on the dramatic results of relevant digital print in cross-media marketing

Rochester, NY - September 6 , 2012 - Caslon and Company, a global consulting company and the management company for PODi, the digital printing initiative (, has released new research showing the impact relevance and personalized digital print is having on cross-media marketing response rates. The 1-to-1 Response Rate Report demonstrates that, on average, across all major vertical markets and marketing applications, relevance can deliver over four times the response of static, same-to-all messaging.

“It’s a powerful reason to add personalization and variable data print to your direct marketing campaign,” explains report author and Caslon Content Director, Christine DeLooze. “In today’s competitive environment, a marketing strategy that can strongly outperform the norm becomes even more valuable.”

The 1-to-1 Response Rate Report uses data from PODi’s collection of more than 500 digital printing case studies, along with the latest findings from the Direct Marketing Association’s 2012 Response Rate Report. It includes results, analysis and examples from seven vertical markets and five major marketing applications. The report provides a way for marketers to estimate potential response rates when proposing and planning relevant marketing campaigns that include variable printing.

The highest response rates, as expected, are seen in the data gathering (19.1%) and loyalty (25.2%) segments. In the data gathering segment there is no immediate push for a sale, but rather an appeal for feedback or additional information. Often participation is incentivized with a special offer. In loyalty campaigns communications can be made highly relevant to the recipient based on past purchasing history.

“It is important to keep in mind that improved response rates do not magically occur just because you use personalization,” cautions DeLooze. “The critical factor is the offer, and how relevant it is to an individual recipient.”

Caslon’s 1-to-1 Response Rate Report is available free to PODi members. This special edition also includes a selection of persuasive data charts, formatted in PowerPoint slides. “These make it simple for PODi members to include our independent analysis in their own sales presentations,” says DeLooze. The report can be purchased by non-members for $125.00. Professionals interested in learning more about the report’s methodology, reported results and conclusions are invited to attend an online session, 1-to-1 Response Rates: The Relevant Marketing Effect, September 13th at 2pm EDT. The presentation will include tips for using the results to estimate response and to build successful proposals for relevant marketing campaigns. For more information on the 1-to-1 Response Rate Report, the upcoming online event or on PODi, the digital printing initiative please contact