PODi members are industry leaders representing all facets of the digital printing ecosystem, including print and marketing service providers, enterprise marketers and manufacturers of software and hardware systems. PODi helps members integrate powerful digital technologies into their marketing, IT and management strategies.

Service Providers
Print Service Providers, Agencies, and Marketing Solutions Providers whose customers are typically enterprise marketers or other service providers (A vendor company cannot become a Service Provider Member)
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Associate Members
Independent consultants; educational institutions with print programs; journalists working in the print industry, printing industry organizations; Corporations or enterprises that utilize print in their communications strategy and have a need for digital print in order to more effectively communicate with their customers or to reduce costs
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General Members

Companies that manufacture digital printing hardware or server technology that consumes, or assists in the consumption of digital print pages. These companies are active in PODi's standards development, marketing programs, and have a strong specific interest in selected areas of the digital printing marketplace.
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Executive Members
Executive membership is by invitation only.

Executive Members are the driving force behind PODi. This level of membership is the most appropriate for those who have broad interests in digital printing and want to set strategic direction. They will influence not only the activities of PODi, but also the industry. Executive Members determine which initiatives to pursue and have a seat on the Board of Directors for their appropriate region.
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