XMPie Campaigns-on-Demand PODi Product Briefing

XMPie® Campaigns-on-Demand

Campaigns-on-Demand is a direct marketing portal solutions which enables end-users to select, customize, order and analyze entire multi-touch, multi-channel marketing campaigns via an online storefront. With it they can:

  • Select a suitable marketing campaign
  • Customize it to their unique needs
  • Select or upload a recipient list
  • Order and pay for it from an online shopping cart
  • Analyze the results right from their order history page


This video walks through how end-ussers can select, tailor and order multi-channel marketing campaings from an XMPie Campaigns-on-Demand portal. It covers:

  • Using XMPie PersonalEffect Storeflow to locate a campaign
  • Viewing the components
  • Customizing and verifying user information
  • Uploading recipient lists and verifying personalized campaign elements
  • Ordering the campaign
  • Analyzing the results

More Information

For more information about XMPie go to www.xmpie.com.