EFI Fiery Graphic Arts Package, Premium Edition PODi Product Briefing

This is a product briefing on EFI’s Fiery Graphic Arts Package, Premium Edition.


EFI’s Fiery Graphic Arts Package, Premium Edition, (GAPPE) is a set of powerful tools ntegrated into the Fiery server designed to identify, diagnose and fix issues in order to get jobs out the door without a lot of proof prints and and with minimal time and waste. It consists of:

  • Extensive pre-flighting tools to identify problems
  • AFiery ImageViewer for viewing RIPped jobs
  • A postflight report which highlights how different regions of the document will be processed

All these tools are integrated with the Fiery server to deliver an efficient system for checking, analyzing, proofing and approving work prior to printing to help produce quality prints without requiring proofs, delays and waste.

Preflight and ImageViewer

Two of GAPPE’s primary functions center on preflighting jobs and viewing the RIPped results. The preflighting functions check for PDF errors, fonts, spot colors, image resolution, hairlines, overprinting and VDP resources. Since they are part of the Fiery server, they can be easily integrated into production workflows. The preflight report lists all the resources being used along with what is missing or at risk of producing poor-quality results.

ImageViewer accurately displays how fonts, colors, images, overprinting and so forth are rendered by the RIP down to the pixel level so that operators can know exactly what is being printed. Operators can hover over individual pixels to see what color is being produced, zoom into photos to identify resolution issues, and even alter color curves for entire pages. In addition, ImageViewer can export PDF soft proofs for clients to review, annotate or approve which can dramatically reduce proofing costs and times.

Postflight and Control Bars

GAPPE can generate a postflight report for a file which renders a version of the file highlighting how various elements, or objects, in the document are being processed. This report lets operators quickly and easily which sections of a file are being processed using RBG, CMYK, grayscale or spot colors. This can be an invaluable tool for determining causes of imaging problems. The postflight report also contains a color test page designed to print in device-independent color with not input profile used. The purpose of this page is to provide an easy, visual diagnostic tool to determine if the print engine is properly perfoming.

In addition, GAPPE lets operators apply color control and information bars to every page in a document. These can be customized and placed outside of the finished document area to help with color management and document production control.

More Information

More information on EFI Fiery Graphic Arts Package, Premium Edition can be found the EFI website.

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