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January 2009
Featured Case Study

Personalization Hits
A Home Run

Project: Landmark Impressions Hits a Home Run with Innovative Personalized Marketing
Vertical Market: Printing Services
Business Application:
Direct Marketing/Lead Generation

Landmark Impressions wanted to showcase the company's capabilities and the potential of personalized URL technology. Using a direct mail project combined with a personalized URL and a personalized Flash animation, the company succeeded in raising its corporate profile with more than 1,700 people and got four new projects.

Program Objectives

  • Publicize and give a working example of integrated marketing using personalized URLs to prospects and existing customers
  • Market the entire company to the prospects

Significant Results Reported by User

  • 400% ROI
  • 244 unique site visits
  • 168 completed the form for the drawing (out of 1,700 eligible)
  • 14% response rate
  • 69% conversion
  • Succeeded in positioning Landmark as a company providing leading-edge integrated marketing services


Landmark Impressions wanted to showcase the company's innovation and the potential of personalization by presenting to customers and prospects a project involving a personal URL and high-end digital capabilities such as a sophisticated personalized Flash animation. The campaign was driven by a dimensional direct mail piece digitally die cut in the shape of a baseball glove and mailed in a clear envelope. Landmark versioned each glove along the thumb with the recipient's name, created to look like stitching, and personalized an accompanying message with the recipient's first name. An invitation to visit their personal site and an offer to win one of three pairs of Major League baseball tickets were on the inside of the card, along with the personalized URL.

Those who visited their personal Web sites were greeted with a Flash animation of dirt being brushed off home plate on a baseball field. When all the dirt is gone, the animation reveals the company logo. A baseball then swipes the image and a scoreboard appears with the recipient's name flashing on and off. Bob Pease, the company's Vice President of Sales and Marketing, says this is the first personalized URL project he has seen using a personalized Flash animation.

The May 2007 campaign captured 244 unique visits to the personalized URLs, 168 of which made it through all of the pages to register for the ticket drawing. The last question of the survey page provided a write-in box and asked the visitor what he or she thought of the promotion and the technology. Many people took the time to provide Landmark with powerful market data regarding their opinions of the experience and how it could work for them. Landmark Impressions has gotten four new projects from customers and prospects as a result, a 400% ROI.

One of the three key factors in the success of the project, aside from the use of the personalized URLs and the creativity, Pease says, was the offer. It was relevant to the Boston audience, and every aspect of the campaign was consistent with the baseball theme of the offer. It was also important that the mail piece did not try to sell anything; it was meant to be fun and even included baseball questions. Pease says he likes to let the technology stand on its own. He thinks it's important to let the personalized URL experience empower people to envision their application of the technology.


Client: Self-promotion
Print Provider & Agency: Landmark Impressions
Located in Woburn, Massachusetts, Landmark Impressions provides a unique blend of printing, marketing, and graphic design services.
Hardware: Xerox DocuColor 2045
Software: MindFireInc LookWho'sClicking, FastVCI personalized 3D animation, Bill Schick Design
Target Audience: Current and prospective customers
Distribution: 1,700 pieces (500 customers, 1,200 prospects), one time
Date: May 2007

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